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With a thorough history in motor sport David O’Brien became interested in Subaru and particularly the Impreza engine through his main company API Engines Limited.
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There didn’t seem to be anybody around that was able to offer the engine repair technology for road and track day cars that API had developed over many years as THE Premier engine company for Japanese cars.

Slowly but surely in the late 90’s more and more Imprezas and Legacies came to API with engine problems. Ranging from rattly hydraulic tappets to major failures. By applying the engineering expertise mentioned earlier, API has been able to set a standard for Subaru engine rebuilding that has become very well respected by many of the Subaru community.

Common sense attitudes to the repair, together with realistic prices, means that our workshops are constantly full of all types of Subaru having straight rebuilds or performance improvements up to and beyond 400 horsepower.

With the number of cars being worked on here came, inevitably, requests for other Performance parts. Originally, Exhaust systems, then clutches, Silicone hose kits and so on. By carefully sourcing these parts API offered a quality range that soon gathered pace. This was followed by requests for Suspension systems, Wheels and tyre sets, Brake upgrades Lights and More.

So that now, API is offering quite a selective range of parts here on our site that we have used and proved time and again. More parts are projected in the future, after we have done our homework.

API Impreza News

New website launched!

In the case that we have missed items off the website, be sure to make an enquiry as we will have stock available and if not we can order the parts you need in.

Cars For Sale!
  We have just uploaded some Imprezas in the 'Cars For Sale' Section.

There are brief descriptions about the cars and what they have had done to them. There is also a photo gallery for each car so please take a look at what is on offer!
Give 07979 955040 (provisional) a call and have a talk to our sales team to find out more.
More To Come Soon!

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API Impreza - API Engines

API Impreza - API Engines

API Impreza - API Engines

API Impreza - API Engines

API Impreza - API Engines

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